Yearnify Finance (YFY) Hidden Gem – Decentralized Finance Project, Pre-Sale Round 2 Is Now Live

Yearnify finance has also made some big announcements such as getting their YFY Token listed on big exchanges like Uniswap, Kucoin and Hotbit , before the end of the year with an initial listing price of 3200$ per YFY Token. If you do not have metamask, simply follow instructions here: (Tokens unsold would be burned ,Uniswap liquidity will be locked 100% for 1 year) Yearnify is building a transparent, secured, user-friendly, and simple yield farming platform, that would provide opportunity for the YFY holders to get benefits from several platforms provided by Yearnify Finance.

Yearnify Finance staking platform enables investors to earn a yield on YFY token, depositing, and selecting the amount you want to stake, you will get an APR of 29%, and it can be unlocked anytime and you will get FYFY Token reward also. Yearnify Finance Tokenomics : Token Type : ERC-20 Token symbol : YFY Token Name : Yearnify Finance Contract : 0xb9ae6fe574982e891666a5b1c2b3 3e79eb5dabb5 Total Supply : 29,000 YFY Circulating Supply : 12,000 YFY Initial Uniswap Liquidity : 9,000 YFY YFY for Pre-sale : 8,000 YFY Team Tokens : 500 YFY Marketing & Development : 2,000 YFY Airdrops : 8,000 YFY Conclusion Yearnify finance offers an innovative platform and promotes Defi to an advanced level.

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