Several Crypto Experts Are Defending Virgil Griffith

Recently, Live Bitcoin News published a story regarding Virgil Griffith, a man who last April, traveled to North Korea despite U.S. regulatory scrutiny to deliver a blockchain seminar. In a recent tweet, Buterin seems to suggest that Griffith didn’t do anything illegal, and that perhaps his actions are being taken out of context by a government that clearly bears animosity towards North Korea.

What neither he nor Buterin seem to understand is that North Korea, a nuclear state, has strained relations with the United States, so even if what Griffith did was perfectly innocent, the fact remains that he failed to get permission to travel there. His visa was denied, and yet despite this denial, Griffith still chose to attend, so even if he did nothing wrong by attending or speaking at the seminar, he went against government rules in traveling to North Korea without stated permission.

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