Report: Android Vulnerability Allows Hackers to Steal Crypto Wallet Info

500 most popular apps are at risk On Dec. 2, the Norwegian app security firm Promon revealed the discovery of a dangerous Android vulnerability called StrandHogg, which has reportedly infected all versions of Android and has put the top 500 most popular apps at risk. The vulnerability then allows malicious apps to phish users' credentials by displaying a malicious and fake version of a login screen.

Aside from stealing personal information like crypto wallet login credentials, StrandHogg can also reportedly listen to the user through their microphone, read and send text messages, and access all private photos and files on the device, among other nefarious exploits. The major antivirus software supplier reported that the Stantinko botnet operators had expanded their criminal reach from click fraud, ad injection, social network fraud and password stealing attacks, into installing crypto mining malware on victims' devices using Youtube.

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