Ravencoin Exploit Sees Hackers Mint USD 6m Worth of RVN


The team behind the ravencoin (RVN) token have revealed that hackers have exploited a vulnerability in the network that allowed them to mint and then trade almost USD 6 million worth of tokens. Ravencoin’s market capitalization stands at USD 119,373,191 at the time of writing (12:55 UTC), while the token is trading for about 0.0182 to the USD – meaning that the hack is currently worth USD 5.74 million.

Ravencoin’s operators say they have spoken to the police, noting, The news does not look good for RVN holders, however, who may have to eat up the cost of the hack. The operator asked RVN miners and node operators to upgrade to a safer version of the network, or risk more exploits taking place.

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