Making Financial Services More Accessible

The best example would be Anyswap, a swap protocol built on Fusion blockchain that supports decentralized Bitcoin storage, it allows users to send wrapped bitcoins back and forth between Fusion, Binance Smart chain and Ethereum blockchains, while all other wrapped bitcoins on the market can only be locked on Ethereum network. In contrast to the current situation where the majority of DeFi assets are locked in Ethereum, DCRM will open the door to lock assets in different blockchains, thereby decentralizing the DeFi industry from Ethereum, and allowing users to benefit from the advantages offered by other blockchains.

To better understand what this technology is offering, imagine using all DeFi services and products while avoiding Ethereum scalability and high fees issues by using a more scalable blockchain like Fusion with thousands times lower network fees. As you can see, Fusion is a blockchain that deeply understands the vision of the decentralized finance industry which relies on the cooperation between different DeFi projects in order to create a decentralized and user-friendly financial ecosystem.

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