Inter-Blockchain Swap Protocol Swingby Cements 24-Hour Subscription Offering on ProBit Exchange

The third consecutive offerings come on the heels of a strong surge in subscriptions for Aleph as the exchange continues to reel off top tier token showcases alongside the ongoing celebration of their 2nd anniversary. Layer 2 peer-to-peer staking node platform SWINGBY provides a fully decentralized bridge for secure token swaps via its proprietary escrow smart contracts.

The platform enables decentralized custodial services to provide anonymity for transactions ranging from BTC, ETH, and Binance chain based tokens through a network of nodes that are self-validated through a unique PING relay verification method to establish node eligibility and authenticity. The upcoming chaos mainnet on December 28 will introduce several significant features ranging from the very first decentralized swap for WBTC while onboarding liquidity providers through incentives such as earning transaction fee revenue and node rewards for each successful cross-chain token swap.

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