Bitcoin Continues Its Newfound Bullish Strategy

In a recent string of messages, Plan B – the pseudonym for the analyst, who today remain anonymous – explained that the S2F chart suggests that bitcoin is on the verge of moving up again, and that its latest string of slight drops are typically witnessed prior to heavy jumps. While this all seems rather pleasant and rewarding, we can’t forget that the S2F chart initially suggested that bitcoin would strike a price of approximately $288,000 per unit.

This is huge for bitcoin, and while a date range was not given for this price, it’s a bit of a leap to assume that bitcoin could quickly jump from the $10K range all the way to nearly $300,000 anytime soon. Still, the fact that bitcoin continues to move up after a few days is a good sign that perhaps this isn’t a fluke of sorts and that the world’s primary digital asset is recovering quickly from the ugly drops it recently incurred.

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