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Aave price analysis: AAVE spikes to $62.28 after a strong bullish trend

Aave price analysis shows a bullish trend as an upward price movement has been recorded in the last 24 hours. The market has been following a bullish trend for the past few days, and the price has significantly improved.

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Bitcoin AAVE
$ 90.2

Timeline of Aave

Counting possibility of an AAVE uplift due to the social metrics impact - AMBCrypto

Ethereum whales accumulate AAVE as it breaks into the top ten tokens purchased by large investors The on-chain performance of AAVE has not been splendid, with only its development activity recording an increase Aave [AAVE], the open-source liquidity protocol, grabbed the attention of Ethereum [ETH] whales as it broke into the top ten tokens bought

Aave Community Proposes Governance Changes Following Attempted Crypto Exploit - The Daily Hodl

Community members of lending and borrowing platform Aave (AAVE) are submitting a governance proposal in the wake of an unsuccessful attempt to exploit the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol.

Llama and Gauntlet submit proposal to cover $1.6 million in bad debt on Aave - The Block

The proposal calls for the Aave DAO to trigger the Gauntlet insolvency fund and part of its treasury to cover the bad debt. The post Llama and Gauntlet submit proposal to cover $1.6 million in bad debt on Aave appeared first on The Block.

Aave Price Recovers Back To $57, But Threat Of New Attack Looms Over Protocol - NewsBTC

The Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol Aave suffered an attack led by Avraham Eisenberg. The controversial individual was behind a sophisticated run against Mango Markets.

AAVE endures this exploit with minor injuries, but what explains the 40% drop - AMBCrypto

AAVE's suffers an attack at the hands of the Mango Markets hacker   Aave suffered minimal losses, with no impact on the price of the AAVE token The cryptocurrency market has taken a beating recently, and many projects are struggling due to low liquidity.

Aave addresses success in recent liquidations in the CRV pool - Crypto news

Aave has announced that the liquidation of the CRV pool and its protocol has taken place successfully. However, the protocol mentioned that the position size has left excessive debts behind.

Mango Market hacker's attempt to exploit Aave fails - CryptoSlate

Mango Market's exploiter Avraham Eisenberg's attempt to replicate his “highly profitable trading strategy” on Aave (AAVE) has failed, resulting in the loss of millions. The post Mango Market hacker's attempt to exploit Aave fails appeared first on CryptoSlate.

Mango Market Hacker Loses Millions As Curve Price Manipulation Attempt on Aave Backfires - Benzinga

A crypto trader who bragged last month about making off with over $100 million in a Mango Market price manipulation scheme appears to have lost millions on an identical attempt that backfired early Tuesday. What Happened: According to on-chain data, Avraham Eisenberg, the man behind October's Mango Market breach, recently borrowed a 40 million Curve (CRYPTO: CRV) from decentralized lending platform Aave.

AAVE relies on ETH whales, but is it enough for a sizable rally this week - AMBCrypto

AAVE witnesses renewed interest from whales However, lack of demand may dampen the state of AAVE in the long run  In the first half of November, AAVE crashed to sub-$60 price levels. Its performance last week indicated a low demand of enough bullish momentum for a sizable recovery.

AAVE investors looking for short-term profits must target these levels - AMBCrypto

Aave retests $56.6 support level  Whales double down their stablecoin holding in favor of Aave in the last two days  AAVE broke previous support levels and showed strong bearish momentum in the last few days. However, a retest of the $56.

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