15 Privacy Coins See Double-Digit Weekly Gains, Monero Jumps 13%, Secret Gains 50%


Despite the fact that regulations have tightened and bureaucrats worldwide are scrutinizing cryptocurrency usage, a few privacy coins have jumped considerably higher in value over the last week. Monero jumped 13% during the last seven days, while the token secret increased 50%, and dusk spiked by 47% this past week. Monero, Secret, Dusk Network Values

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Timeline of Monero

Despite The Negative Press, Monero Surged 36% In 2 Weeks - DCForecasts

Despite the negative press about mining and malware, Monero surged 36% in two weeks' time as we can see more in our latest Monero news today. The privacy-centric coin has been gaining during the past two weeks and jumped 36% in value against the US dollar.

Despite Negative Mining Malware Press, Privacy-Focused Crypto Monero Jumps 36% in 2 Weeks - Bitcoin

The privacy-centric crypto asset monero has seen significant gains during the last two weeks, jumping 36% in value against the U.S. dollar. Despite the negative press from the “Spider-Man: No Way Home” torrents with monero mining malware, seven-day statistics indicate the crypto asset has gained more than 21%. Monero Sees Double-Digit Gains Amid Mining Malware

Monero adopts Seraphis, a true privacy-focused protocol - Invezz

Seraphis is an abstraction that defines rules about how to design a real privacy-focused transaction protocol without specifying concrete algorithms. It is one of the candidates for Monero's (XMR/USD) next transaction protocol model, Monero wrote on their blog. Core rules of privacy-focused transaction protocols The two core rules involve amount representation and construction of key The post Monero adopts Seraphis, a true privacy-focused protocol appeared first on Invezz.


Hackers Are Targeting Spider-Man Movie Torrent Downloads - DCForecasts

Hackers are targeting Spider-Man movie torrent downloads to install Monero-mining malware on the users' computers as we can see more in today's Monero news. It appears that the hackers are looking for new ways to exploit non-suspecting victims and to take advantage of their computing power but this time, the main tool to use is

Cryptocurrency Monero's Price Increased More Than 5% Within 24 hours - Benzinga

Over the past 24 hours, Monero's (CRYPTO: XMR) price has risen 5.66% to $194.34. This continues its positive trend over the past week where it has experienced a 3.0% gain, moving from $189.61 to its current price.

Monero Price Prediction: XMR Has Crawled Back – What Next? - InvestingCube

Monero price has rebounded in the past few days. XMR, is trading at $213, which is about 20% above the lowest level during the weekend

Monero (XMR) Team Identifies Vulnerabilities in the Multisignature Wallet Code - BTCManager

The Monero tech team has identified some vulnerabilities in the implementation of Monero multi-signature wallets. These vulnerabilities affect the wallet code that is currently implementing them.

Monero: new virus that mines XMR - The Cryptonomist

A new report by the IT security company Sophos has raised the alarm over the discovery of a new variant of the Tor2Mine malware

Monero multisignature wallet code compromised - Cryptopolitan

A bug has been identified in the monero multisignature code. Customers' funds could be at risk if they transact with untrusted parties.

Security researchers detect new variant of Monero mining exploit Tor2Mine - AMBCrypto

The industry woke up today to the news of Bitmart exchange being exploited to the tune of nearly $200 million in stolen funds through Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. With exploits becoming commoner and hackers coming up with ingenious ways to install malware, caution is absolutely necessary.