Zilliqa blockchain combines incubation programs; announces new grant winners


Team: Teex Track: Infrastructure Awardee project name: Tora Brief Description: A trusted Oracle and general Layer-2 solution that utilizes the Trusted Execution Environment provided by hardware enclaves like Intel SGX. Team: ChainSecurity Track: Infrastructure Awardee project name: Automated Static Analysis Framework Brief Description: An extensible static analysis framework for Scilla smart contracts, as well as a security scanner that is built on top of the framework, to identify generic security vulnerabilities in Scilla smart contracts.

Team: XanPool Track: Infrastructure Awardee project name: XanPool Brief Description: A unique omnichannel solution to make fiat-to-ZIL on-boarding infrastructure much more user-friendly, and resilient. Looking ahead to 2020, Zilliqa’s ZILHive grant funding will prioritize open-source toolings for financial applications within the Infrastructure track and research projects aiming to tackle obstacles that are preventing financial inclusion to become a reality within the Research track.

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