Yearn’s merger with SushiSwap will be the most comprehensive to date

The flurry of (YFI) “mergers” continues as the project announces the tightest DeFi integration yet, this time with SushiSwap (SUSHI), the decentralized exchange that began its life as a Uniswap fork. SushiSwap governance and tokens will remain separate from Yearn, but the teams want to connect the two projects’ treasuries to let each have a stake in the other.

Further integrations that will be put up for a vote include a SushiSwap liquidity incentive for some of Yearn’s yield farming pools to be allocated by Yearn, with the CRV to yyveCRV pool being a potential candidate. The integration with SushiSwap is deeper than with most other projects, and it is the first to include a mutual exchange of treasury allocations.

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