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XRP Lawyer John Deaton Representing Ex-Ethereum Advisor On ETH Gate?

The crypto market participants have in recent days began engaging in the debate around Ethereum Gate, which refers to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allegedly giving preferential treatment to Ethereum Foundation. With XRP attorney John Deaton revealing that he had seen documents related to the alleged wrongdoings, it is being speculated that these

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Timeline of Ethereum, Xrp

XRP Forecast: Is A Retreat Below $0.5 Likely Before October? - NewsBTC

XRP has maintained its position within the confines of a symmetrical triangle pattern, with today's modest surge doing little to alter its trajectory. This symmetrical triangle pattern has exerted significant influence over XRP's price movements for the past month, indicating that it may continue to dictate the coin's fate in the near future.

Ethereum (ETH) Fees Hit Yearly Lows, Here's Where This Might Lead - UToday

According to Santiment, an on-chain analytics firm, Ethereum's average fees have decreased to their lowest levels since 2023. It stated that the average Ethereum transaction fee has dropped to $1.15, the lowest since Dec. 26, 2022.

Ethereum's Price Struggles as Severe Bearish Momentum Looms - TheNewsCrypto

For the time being, ETH is likely to consolidate within the confines of its current slump. If the price breaks below the $1573 level then it will likely test $1540 key support level.

Ethereum's Dencun Upgrade Faces Potential Delay, Testing Crucial for Mainnet Launch - Bitcoinworld

Ethereum's eagerly anticipated Dencun upgrade, slated to bring new features and scalability improvements, may encounter a delay, as revealed during a recent developers' meeting on September 21.

Ethereum Network Fees Hit 2023 Low: What It Could Mean For ETH Price - NewsBTC

In recent weeks, Ethereum (ETH), one of the most valuable assets in the cryptocurrency market, has not enjoyed favorable sentiment due to its struggling price and unstable on-chain performance. The general market condition has not offered much reprieve either, as most altcoins have failed to maintain an upward momentum.

Ripple Lawyer John Deaton Denies Having Any Insider Information on Ripple Inc - CoinPedia

A crypto enthusiast on X misinterpreted John Deaton's post and influenced the general mass into thinking that John Deaton had insider information on Ripple Inc. This is what John Deaton had to say to clarify the misconception spread through Michael Branch's post on X.

XRP Fans Excited About New SEC and Ripple Settlement Rumors - CoinPedia

Ripple's Legal Saga Sparks New Settlement Rumors XRP Army Shares Thoughts on Possible Settlement Pro-XRP Lawyer John Deaton's Poll Reveals Community Sentiment The ongoing legal dispute between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has been a rough journey for the cryptocurrency community.

Ripple Wires Millions of XRP as Price Shows Weekly Surge - UToday

Whale Alert crypto tracker spreads the word that slightly over 12 hours ago, Ripple fintech decacorn initiated a transaction that carried a massive 50,000,000 XRP tokens worth $25,657,347.

Ethereum Struggles to Meet Expectations After Shanghai Upgrade, Says J.P. Morgan Report - CryptoGlobe

The Shanghai upgrade for Ethereum was anticipated to significantly attract institutional interest by enabling the withdrawal of staked Ether. However, a recent analysis by JJ.P. Morgan, as covered by Kitco, reveals that the blockchain network has failed to meet these expectations.

Is Ethereum Bottom In? Top Analyst Reveals the ‘No Questions Asked' Level He Will Start Reaccumulating ETH - The Daily Hodl

A top crypto analyst is detailing his outlook on Ethereum (ETH) amid tepid price movements in the crypto market. In a new video, pseudonymous analyst Bluntz says that Ethereum is likely witnessing the final stage of a corrective move while trading within an ascending triangle pattern.

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