Why USD Coin [USDC] may not yet be ready to overtake Tether [USDT]


Tether USDT must surely feel USD Coin USDC breathing down its neck in terms of market cap ranking as investors look at the wreckage of TerraUSD UST and re-assess their stablecoin preferences. To that end, two metric-based milestones go a long way in telling us about the demand for USDC – and its potential future.

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Timeline of Usd-coin, Tether

Traders Shift From USDT To USDC Due To These Metrics! What Next? - CoinPedia

Last week as the Terra blockchain collapsed, the turbulence was felt by the whole cryptocurrency market as the major cryptocurrencies collapsed to its lowest level of 2022. In a week, more than $30 billion in top stablecoins were redeemed as the TerraUSD (UST) de-pegged along with a temporary drop in Tether (USDT). Surprisingly, USD Coin, …

After TerraUSD (UST) De-Pegging Scare, Tether (USDT) Releases Report Claiming It Has Fully Backed Reserves - The Daily Hodl

As the most recent crypto market crash is putting the spotlight on stablecoins, one of the leading dollar-pegged tokens says its valuation remains secure. In a new post, Tether Holdings Limited announced that not only is its signature product Tether (USDT) backed by more assets than liabilities, the company is reducing its commercial investments in The post After TerraUSD (UST) De-Pegging Scare, Tether (USDT) Releases Report Claiming It Has Fully Backed Reserves appeared first on The Daily Hodl.

Crypto Crash Marked by the Reclamation of $7.6B of Tether (USDT) Stablecoins - Crypto news

More and more digital investors are skeptical about the crypto crash, prompting them to cash out all their crypto assets. Since the crypto crisis began, investors have reclaimed funds totaling $7.6 billion from the ‘stablecoin' Tether, according to new data…


PYMNTS AM Radar: Tether Selloff; That ‘70s Algorithm; One-Click Nirvana; Klarna Expansion; ICYMI - PYMNTS

Today is Tuesday (May 17), and it's the biggest day for voting so far in 2022, with ballots being cast by Dems and GOP voters in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon and Pennsylvania primaries. Plus, retail sales for April will be released at 8:30 a.m.

Tether Drops 9% in $7B Investor Selloff  - PYMNTS

The world's biggest stablecoin, Tether, dropped an estimated 9% in value since May 12 and lost more than $7 billion as investors pulled out amid a wider cryptocurrency selloff that started last week, according to multiple media reports on Tuesday (May 17) and CryptoCompare data. Stablecoins are pegged to the U.S. dollar and were largely

Circle Says USDC Reserve Backed Entirely in Cash and Short-Dated US Treasuries - Bitcoin

On May 13, Circle's chief financial officer Jeremy Fox-Geen published a blog post called “How to Be Stable,” following the aftermath of Terra's stablecoin implosion. Circle's CFO explained that since usd coin's inception, the stablecoin aims to be “the most transparent and trusted dollar digital currency.” Terra's Stablecoin De-Pegging Incident Has Cast a Spotlight on

Matrixport: A Next-Gen Digital Finance Platform offering a 1,288 USDC Free Coupon and Maximum $55 in Referral Incentive - Crypto news

Cryptocurrencies are creating unprecedented opportunities for everyone, regardless of their geographical location. Anyone can make investments in crypto, and it doesn't matter their experience, geographical location, or academic qualifications.

Stablecoin Crash :This is Why USDC is Unaffected With The Panic Sell-Off? - CoinPedia

This week, the crypto market touched rock bottom as the drop in Bitcoin, altcoins and stablecoins soured investor sentiment. In at least two years, Bitcoin had its most tumultuous week and the market continued to experience a panic selloff on Saturday. The market's majority of stablecoins have lost their $1 parity. Tether (USDT), the largest …

Crypto-Market Anxiety Subsides With Prices, Tether Stabilizing - Cryptoverze

On Wednesday, the implosion of the TerraUSD stablecoin sparked wide-spread panic in the crypto space. Thankfully 24 hours later, things have calmed down substantially. Terraform Labs halted, restarted and then halted again following the collapse of TerraUSD and its sister-token Luna. Developers who work on the blockchain tweeted that the second halt was intended to...

Tether Cuts Commercial Paper Holdings Backing Stablecoin By 50% - DCForecasts

Tether cuts commercial paper holdings that back the stablecoin by 50% as the CTO Paolo Ardoino revealed the news so let's read more today in our latest Tether news. During a recent Twitter space, discussing stablecoins and the recent crypto volatility, Tether's CTO Paolo Ardoino said the stablecoin provider cut the amount of the commercial