Un-10K-ed Bitcoin, Made History, and 20 Crypto Jokes


This crypto-week, bitcoin surpassed USD 10K, then it didn’t, and the eight largest difficulty drop happened, and as bitcoin demand is already outpacing supply, BTC got a red dot on the S2F model signalling a bull run. While Coinbase was criticised yet again, we learned that four crypto exchanges rake in 90% of BTC trading volume, and hackers threaten to use stolen data from Coinsquare for SIM swapping.

The Fed Chairman gave a nod to an “Ethereum-based” replacement of LIBOR, the US was warned to either launch the digital dollar or say goodbye to USD dominance, Venezuelans can pay for petrol in petro, South Korea could introduce capital gains tax on crypto earnings, and Russia sent some mixed signals over a potential crypto ban. Finally, check out 5 ways to reduce risks in case bitcoin exchange fails, and 3 ways to compare crypto assets.

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