Tim Draper: Libra and Zuckerberg Are Being “Picked On”


In a recent interview, Draper commented that he doesn’t like how the government is treating Libra or Zuckerberg, claiming that Zuckerberg is a “hero” and that U.S. officials were working themselves silly trying to beat him and his company down. Aside from the story just mentioned, Facebook was embroiled in scandal in the year 2018 after it had been revealed that the company had been selling users’ private data for years to Cambridge Analytica and other third parties for advertising purposes.

This put many people’s trust of Facebook in the trash, and some might argue that the company’s reputation has never been fixed… Which could be why Libra has gotten off to such a slow start. Nevertheless, Draper dismissed the Cambridge Analytica scandal and acted like it was no big deal in the interview, claiming: He further commented that he felt Zuckerberg and his company were being “unfairly picked on.”

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