The Latest Cryptography Advances Set to Change Blockchain

Director of research at blockchain firm Blockstream and mathematician Andrew Poelstra told Cointelegraph that zero-knowledge proof (ZK-Proof) systems are “one of the most exciting areas of development” in the cryptography space. The company’s chief technology officer Huang Lin — who claims to have researched cryptography for over a decade — told Cointelegraph: Lior Yaffe the co-founder and managing director at Jelurida — the firm behind blockchains NXT, Ardor and Ignis — also said that ZK-Proofs can have a very positive influence on scalability.

In the past, Poelstra suggested that ZK-Proofs also allow the development of trustless sidechains, which could bring the functionality of altcoins to Bitcoin (BTC). In February 2019, he illustrated the requirements of such a system while talking to Forbes: When Cointelegraph asked him about developments in ZK-Proof-based trustless sidechains, Poelstra explained that much work has to be done before such systems become feasible.

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