Ternio Says It’s Witnessed a Huge Surge in Digital Asset Investments


Investments in the crypto industry have been very up and down as of late, but one company, a startup known as Ternio, reports that it’s doing better than ever when it comes to attracting new digital currency investors. But according to Ternio, the amount of new investments it’s witnessed recently is growing, which suggests that all investing – particularly crypto investing – is subjected to where, and ultimately, how, people will feel safe.

Ian Kane – COO and co-founder of Ternio – explained in a statement: One of the company’s biggest (and most recent) claims to fame is its partnership with Block Card. In recent months, companies like the Litecoin Foundation, Bi Box Exchange, Veil and several others have signed on with Ternio to utilize its technology to issue their own crypto-backed debit and credit card projects in the United States.

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