Ten Different Bearish Divergences Stack Against Bitcoin, But Drop Has Yet To Arrive


But as the most dominant crypto asset in the space continues to climb with very few corrections in between, ten of the most widely used technical indicators are now giving bearish signals, by way of a divergence between the tool and price action. Currently, ten individual technical indicators are all giving bearish divergence signals, potentially warning of the first real crash for the top crypto.

Ten different technical indicators are issuing warnings with bearish signals | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView.com Ten Bearish Divergences Could Cut Crypto Valuations In Half, Still Too Late To Contain Bulls According to a pseudonymous crypto analyst, ten unique technical analysis indicators are issuing a bearish divergence sell signal. Related Reading | The Dollar Losing A Decade Long Trendline Could Send Bitcoin Skyrocketing As depicted above, all of the indicators made a lower high, which price action not only set a higher high but a new all-time high for the cryptocurrency.

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