Solana and Chainlink Team Up To Build A Crazy Fast Oracle

"We recently saw market failures due to congestion on Ethereum, including oracle failures,” Solana CEO and founder Anatoly Yakovenko told Cointelegraph in an interview, adding:  “What we're building with Chainlink is a high-frequency oracle that can give a price update every 400 milliseconds — and because of our capacity, we shouldn't see those kinds of market failures on our network. The startup recently finished its Coinlist auction Solana offered 8 million of its coins for sale in a Dutch-style Coinlist auction on March 23, touting a 90% price guarantee, Solana COO Raj Gokal told Cointelegraph.

Solana garnered at least $1.76 million total from the coin auction, although, due to minor price increment issues, the total could be slightly higher, Gokal included. Gokal said of Solana’s SOL coin:  “It’s actually continuously redeemable for 90% of the auction clearing price, for 12 months — but the only way to register for this price guarantee is to actually stake your tokens.

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