SIMBA Chain to Join Blockchain Education Alliance Under MouseBelt

SIMBA Chain has joined the Blockchain Education Alliance run by MouseBelt to “shape the future of blockchain education,” according to a press release from the group. The two have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate under the Alliance, a self-described “global network composed of industry leaders helping to shape the future of blockchain education,” the release continues.

“MouseBelt’s BEA network consists of many recognized industry leaders, including; Binance, Hedera, ING Bank, Mastercard, Rolls-Royce, Stellar, Truffle, and now SIMBA Chain. Speaking on the matter is Joel Neidig, the CEO of SIMBA Chain, who said: “The new relationship with MouseBelt BEA perfectly complements SIMBA Chain’s objectives to provide any student the opportunity to learn about blockchain and how it can benefit business, government, and society.

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