Ripple To Support Coinbase Against US SEC? Ripple Legal Chief Drops Hint

XRP News: The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) flagged of warning of launching enforcement against the nation's largest crypto exchange, Coinbase. The digital asset leaders are showing their support in the favor of Coinbase as the exchange hints at going to a battle against the US SEC.

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Mystery Revealed: What Was Behind XRP Price Recent Pump? - CoinPedia

The XRP community has been buzzing with excitement following a recent breakout from a multi-month falling trend, and they are hopeful that the bullish thesis will persist in the coming weeks. Despite retracing around 9.8% in the past 24 hours and currently trading at approximately $0.42, community members remain optimistic about XRP's future.

Ripple: How XRP is moving beyond legal woes to benefit investors - AMBCrypto

Ripple (XRP) has been the subject of litigation for years, and only recently has it looked like an end might be in sight. Despite the ongoing legal battle, activities on the Ripple XRPL have not stopped.

Ripple's President Optimistic on a Win Against SEC Lawsuit, XRP Price To Set New Course - CoinPedia

The XRP community has been advocating for centralized exchanges like Coinbase Global to re-list the digital asset amidst regulatory scrutiny by the SEC. As the sixth largest digital asset aims to bridge the gap between traditional financial institutions and the Web3 industry, the XRP community is bullish on long-term prospects.

The Rise of XRP: 5 Reasons Why It's Bull Run Is Far From Over - NewsBTC

The price of the sixth largest cryptocurrency in the market, XRP, has been on an uptrend since Monday, likely driven by Bitcoin's price action and the overall bullish market trend. As a result, XRP's market capitalization has also increased from $20 billion to a new yearly high of $25 billion, further solidifying its uptrend.

XRP Skyrockets 28% Following Speculation Of Ripple's Victory In SEC Lawsuit - EWN

XRP has gained more than 28% over the past 24 hours thanks to a Notice of Supplemental Authority filed by Ripple. The letter highlighted a recent ruling related to crypto and securities, and is expected to strengthen Ripple's defense in the legal battle against the SEC.

XRP Price Prediction: XRP Coin Shows a 26% Intraday Jump, Is This Rally Sustainable?  - Coingape

XRP Price Prediction: The XRP price witnessed a massive inflow today and breached a four-month high resistance of $0.43. Thus a decisive breakout supported by a strong upsurge in volume activity indicates the buyers' commitment to regain higher prices.

XRP Testing Crucial Resistance, is $0.5 in Play? (Ripple Price Analysis) - CryptoPotato

Bitcoin's price has been trending upward lately, while Ripple has remained relatively stable, staying around the same level without much movement. However, XRP is currently showing signs of strength as it has surpassed a significant resistance level.

XRP Ledger Growth Rampant Amid Ripple's US Regulatory Concerns - Coingape

XRP News: With the surge in XRP price, the focus is now on Ripple's products, of which the XRP Ledger is highly talked about. While on one side the US regulatory landscape is yet to offer any clarity around the XRP lawsuit, the altcoin is currently standing out among top cryptocurrencies.

XRP Lawsuit: Ripple Invokes Key Ruling in Voyager Bankruptcy Case to Strengthen Its Defense - Zycrypto

As the SEC vs Ripple lawsuit drags on, lawyers representing the crypto firm and its co-defendants have sought to adduce new evidence which they hope could greatly aid their defense arguments.

Crypto Lawyer Responds to Onlooker Who Predicts That Ripple Will Lose to the US SEC - Zycrypto

An observer in the Ripple-Twitter space caught the attention of cryptocurrency lawyer Bill Morgan, not long after he predicted that Ripple would lose its case with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The observer who describes himself as a Crypto Enthusiast is convinced that Ripple will lose to the SEC.

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