Polygon Team Reports Apps On The Network Surge By 400%


While the crypto market remains in its winter, some other sectors in the industry are experiencing a steady rise, one of the prominent examples of these sectors is the operational teams in the Polygon network. As of March this year, its total monthly active teams were around 8,000.

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Timeline of Polygon

Polygon (MATIC) Price Prediction 2025-2030: Will MATIC see $25 in 2030? - AMBCrypto

Disclaimer: The datasets shared in the following article have been compiled from a set of online resources and do not reflect AMBCrypto's own research on the subject The crypto-winter saw MATIC tank all the way down to $0.324 on 19 June 2022, its lowest in over a year.

Biggest Movers: MATIC, SOL Move Towards 4-Month Highs on Saturday - Bitcoin

Polygon rallied to its highest point in nearly four months on Saturday, as the token climbed to the $1.00 mark to start the weekend. Solana was also trading at a multi-month high, as it rose by over 10% earlier in today's session. As of writing, the global crypto market cap is trading nearly 3% higher.

The New Polygon Web3 Platform, FrontFanz, Signs Over 100 More Creators To Join Their Platform - CoinPedia

FrontFanz, the female-led venture founded by Rosey Sin and Stacey Carlaa, has announced its next wave of content creator acquisitions, unveiling over 100 new creators set to join the Web3 platform at launch. Led by Courtney Ann and Tracy Kiss, who each have over 1.


MATIC's close above this range can provoke rally toward $1.18 - AMBCrypto

Polygon's [MATIC] recent bull run evoked a break beyond the EMA ribbons to reveal a robust buying revival. As the ribbons finally undertook a bullish flip, the $1-zone has been plateauing the streak of green candles.

FrontFanz- the Polygon Web3 Subscription Platform Ready to List Their Token - Crypto Daily

The new censorless Polygon Web3 subscription content platform, FrontFanz, has had an ambitious roadmap ahead of them from the start. Ever since they came out from the shadows, FrontFanz's popularity has been steadily growing.

Polygon Maintains Solid Footing As MATIC Balloons By 300% Since June - NewsBTC

Polygon (MATIC) price prediction relies heavily on the CPI numbers for July. Polygon price soared by 125% since July 1; Analysts spotted a rally of 68% catapulting to an 85% boost in terms of profit.

$MATIC: 37,000+ dApps Run on Polygon, Which Is 4X the Number at Start of 2022 - CryptoGlobe

The Polygon team announced on Wednesday (August 10) that according to data from Web3 development platform Alchemy, there are currently over 37,000 decentralized applications (dApps) powered by Polygon. Polygon is “a decentralised Ethereum scaling platform that enables developers to build scalable user-friendly dApps with low transaction fees without ever sacrificing on security.

DApps On Polygon Hit 37,000, Jumping 400% This Year - DCForecasts

DApps on Polygon hit 37,000, which is a 400% increase this year alone. This happens at a time when the number of blockchain-related monthly active teams increased to 11,800 in July from 8,000 in March.

Polygon, Neowiz join forces to build new Web3 gaming platform Intella X - CryptoSlate

Polygon announced a partnership with gaming publisher Neowiz to launch a new Web3 gaming platform called Intella X, supported by its native IX token. The post Polygon, Neowiz join forces to build new Web3 gaming platform Intella X appeared first on CryptoSlate.

Play-To-Own Game, Project Eluüne: StarGarden Will Launch On Polygon - DCForecasts

Play-to-own game, Project: Eluüne StarGarden will launch on Polygon sometime next year. It was produced by the makers of the well-known video game Call of Duty for the Arrivant corporation.