New Decentralised Video VOD Site Backed by Top Blockchain Influencers

Some of the biggest names in the cryptocurrency and blockchain scenes are backing Theta Labs‘ new decentralised Video On Demand (VOD) product which has enticed some popular cryptocurrency and blockchain streamers and influencers from centralized platforms onboard such as Youtube. This will allow members to build up an audience on the Theta network in the same way they can upload videos to their channels on popular centralized platforms, such as YouTube and Twitch.

DataDash, Crypto Beadles, Trader Cobb and Crypto Crow will feature live streams, premiere new content on and provide interviews with Theta’s founders and executive team, who will explain their vision for the platform and the benefits of decentralised video streaming. Theta Labs pioneered the next generation decentralised live streaming platform which will enable existing video platforms to drive incremental revenues and reduce content delivery CDN costs while end-users are rewarded for sharing their bandwidth to relay video on a peer-to-peer basis on any PC, mobile, Smart TV or IoT device.

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