Market Watch: YFI Soars 100% As Bitcon Hovers At $15.5K

Bitcoin Cash (6%), Binance Coin (2%), Polkadot (5%), Cardano (8%), and Litecoin (2.5%) are also in the green from the top 10. The token surged by almost 100% to reach $18,000 but has since retraced to its current price.

Solana (43%), Band Protocol (34%), DxChain Token (30%), SushiSwap (25%), Energy Web Token (23%), Aave (21%), Reserve Rights (21%), and Ren (20%) are just a few of the representatives of the double-digit price increase club. As a result of these massive gains, the altcoins have reduced Bitcoin’s dominance over the market from 66% yesterday to 64%.

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