Klaytn has 5 new gaming partners to drive creation of its metaverse


Klaytn, the dominant blockchain in S Korea, has 5 new gaming partnerships which it hopes will drive the creation of a new metaverse on its blockchain. With the Bank of Korea CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) project already secured, and integration achieved with the South Korean super app KakaoTalk, the Klaytn blockchain is now heading towards the creation of its own metaverse with the help of 5 gaming partnerships.

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Since the innovation of  Bitcoin  as the foremost Blockchain-based Cryptocurrency, digital assets have persisted to remain prevalent. After Bitcoin, many other cryptocurrencies have also hopped up.

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The US-based Metaverse concert organizer Animal Concerts has partnered with South Korea's Klaytn blockchain network to bring leading global music entertainment stars to the Metaverse.

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The year 2021 has seen a monumental breakthrough in terms of the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. Global inflows towards virtual currencies have surpassed the trillion mark. Whilst shift over towards blockchain adoption is at its peak, Klaytn is one such project that aims to bestow this technology to all types of users, from small startups …


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Klaytn price analysis is bullish today. The price has increased up to $1.63.

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The price underwent a slight decline today. Klaytn price analysis shows price at $1.441.

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Decentralized finance protocol Kokoa has secured a round of venture capital investment to build DeFi features on Klaytn. The post Kokoa Finance Raises $2.3M to Build DeFi on Klaytn appeared first on BeInCrypto.

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Klay price analysis is bullish today. The overall cryptocurrency market is bullish for the next 24 hours.

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Klay price analysis is bullish today The overall cryptocurrency market is trading upwards for the last 24 hours. Klay is strengthening its buyer positions as the bulls try to beat a double bottom at $1.12.

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The narrow Bollinger Bands on the 4-hour price analysis indicate that Klaytn is experiencing little volatility. We anticipate KLAY/USD to rise and move higher in the next 24 hours.

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Klaytn price analysis is indicating bullish signals on the daily chart KLAY/USD build support below $1.30 KLAY saw retracement to $1.35 earlier today Klaytn price analysis is bullish for today as both a higher high and low was set over the last 24 hours. Therefore, as long as the $1.20 support holds, we