Jelurida's Ardor: blockchain on Android -

Jelurida has announced its Java-based Ardor blockchain now runs on Android as a full node. “Running a proof-of-work mining node on a mobile device is unthinkable, and other proof-of-stake blockchains are moving in the direction of increased centralization by depending on master nodes and using delegated consensus,” says Petko Petkov, the engineer leading Jelurida’s Android initiative.

It opens a door to mainstream adoption of blockchain technology because Ardor: By maintaining its own copy of the blockchain, the mobile device becomes a full-fledged participant in a blockchain network. IoT projects, in particular, will now have the flexibility to integrate directly with the blockchain for Android based: The shift from hosted server nodes to portable devices, Jelurida argues, makes the blockchain more resilient against: While a proof-of-stake blockchain does not depend on ‘mining farms’, there is still a risk if most nodes are physically located in a few datacenters when a natural disaster or coordinated attack ocurs.

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