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Il miliardario Tim Draper esorta lo Sri Lanka ad adottare Bitcoin — La banca centrale afferma "Non vogliamo peggiorare la crisi"

Secondo quanto riferito, l'investitore miliardario e venture capitalist Tim Draper ha tentato di convincere il governo dello Sri Lanka ad adottare bitcoin. Tuttavia, il governatore della Banca centrale dello Sri Lanka ha rifiutato la sua raccomandazione, sottolineando: “L'adozione del 100% di bitcoin non sarà mai una realtà dello Sri Lanka.

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Timeline of Bitcoin

Bitcoin (BTC) Price to Surge 8x If This Scenario Plays Out – Here's How and When - CoinPedia

A three-year low was reached in the market when FTX crashed, wiping away billions in client deposits. As a result of the FTX fiasco, Bitcoin fell to $15,500 and appeared to be headed considerably lower. Bitcoin has since recovered and posted considerable returns and is now hovering near the $23k mark.

BTC Price Forecast: Analyst Maps Potential High Levels For Bitcoin This Bull Market - CoinPedia

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing an upturn in fortunes as Bitcoin continues to experience a positive increase overall. In 2022, Bitcoin saw an extended downward trend that led to a 60% reduction in its price, and the collapse of FTX in November significantly lowered market sentiments, and there were massive withdrawals.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Whales Move $743,000,000 in Crypto in Three Massive Transfers - The Daily Hodl

As Bitcoin floats above $23,000, three huge Bitcoin and Ethereum whales are turning heads among crypto traders. In total, the whales moved a staggering $743 million in crypto in just three transactions. A Bitcoin whale made the first move on Friday, sending 13,369 BTC worth $311 million from one unknown wallet to another.

Billionaire Ray Dalio Says Bitcoin Isn't an Effective Money, Store of Value, or Medium of Exchange - Bitcoin

Billionaire Ray Dalio, the founder of the world's largest hedge fund, Bridgewater Associates, says it's “amazing” what bitcoin has accomplished but believes the cryptocurrency is not going to be an effective money, a store of value, or a medium of exchange.

Bitcoin [BTC]: The rest of the month may not be fruitful, here is why - AMBCrypto

According to CryptoQuant analyst Axel Adler Jr, due to the bullish nature of the general cryptocurrency market since the year began, the Realized Capitalization metric for many assets grew significantly in the past 20 days.

Bitcoin Price Analysis: Optimism Above 23381 - 5 February 2023 - Crypto Daily

BTC/USD Slightly Rebounds:  Sally Ho's Technical Analysis – 5 February 2023 Bitcoin (BTC/USD) rebounded slightly early in the Asian session as the pair rallied back above the 24000 figure after bottoming out around the 23257.71 area, a move lower that represented another test of the 200-hour simple moving average.  The recent surge to the 24262.18 area occurred after Stops were elected above the 24224.60 level, an upside price objective related to buying pressure that emerged around the 15460 and 20370.01 areas.

Bitcoin (BTC) Ready for 'Impulse,' Super-Rare Indicator Says - UToday

The principles of Bitcoin (BTC) price correlation with crucial macro-economic indicators is still yet to be studied, but some obvious patterns have already formed. One of them has just flashed a super-rare bullish signal.

Strategist at $1,300,000,000 Crypto Fund Betting on Bitcoin, Ethereum and One Altcoin That's Causing ‘Excitement' - The Daily Hodl

The chief investment officer (CIO) of Bitwise Investments, Matt Hougan, is naming his top three crypto assets. Hougan says in a new Stansberry Research interview that Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are the “two big horses” that investors should have in their crypto portfolio. “I'll talk about three that catch my eye right now.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Gain Massively; Big Eyes Coin Rakes In $22M as Crypto Skyrockets - Crypto Daily

On Thursday, the cryptocurrency market had a major upward surge, helping the weekend get off to a good start. A 100% increase in trade volume helped the global crypto market valuation rise by more than 3%.

5 Bottlenecks for Growth of Big Eyes Coin, Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2023 - Crypto Daily

The crypto world has come of age as it has now become a global village of thousands of cryptocurrencies and decentralized applications. While established crypto brands like Bitcoin and Ethereum are still relevant, an influx of new and innovative cryptocurrencies like Big Eyes Coin have already made their presence felt.

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