Hundreds of Ethereum 2.0 Validators Get Slashed

On the other hand, thousands are making money with the biggest being at 0.0806 eth in just one day out of 32 eth, while the rest seem to be at 0.02 and below. For example according to Justin Drake, an eth 2.0 researcher, a validator got slashed for a block equivocation, that is the validator was telling different things with Drake presuming that is because he was running fancy validator redundancy that could bypass the slashing protections.

He however lost ‘only’ that 0.23 eth because “slashing penalties are designed to be lenient for isolated offences like these,” Drake says before adding: “Mass slashings are heavily penalised (if X% get slashed they lose ~3X% of their balance)… also the minimum slashing amount was reduced for genesis and will be increased back to 1 ETH.” So while 600 validators might sound like a lot, it is still a small percentage of 21,000 validators currently running the ethereum 2.0 network and it is just a indication that all is running as it should.

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