Framework’s Michael Anderson: ‘Ethereum is where DeFi will continue to be’

What we did was we recapitalized Framework Labs with a deeper balance sheet to be able to go off and incubate new ideas to build products in-house and actually benefit from, trade on and use productively all the DeFi protocols that we're investing in. MA: I think the big point here is that Chainlink is becoming the de facto security layer for DeFi.

That’s, frankly, where we need to go as an industry, and if you’re a DeFi protocol that’s expanding into anything that's not crypto prices, the only path to get there is Chainlink. And even though Polkadot or even Cosmos or Substrate are building DeFi platforms and ecosystems themselves, it will really require a bridge to Ethereum to be real DeFi because that’s, you know, where the $500 billion in value in SushiSwap comes from.

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