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Blockchain Industry picking up pace in South America BOGOTA, COLOMBIA / ACCESSWIRE / March 3, 2020 / Bitwings Evan Luthra took the South American Blockchain industry like a storm in the second week of February through a series of events. The Minephone is a unique smartphone designed to bring the security value of blockchain in the palm of a common man, not only it can mine 2 Ethereum per month but also has valuable features like SAFE CORE OS™, Triple Factor Authentication, E-wallet built-in hardware Cold Storage neural technology.

Story continues The 'X Book' on the other hand is a laptop with integrated blockchain features such as WINGS SAFE CORE™, WINGS NEURAL FACE ID ™, WINGS GUARDIAN 2.0™, WINGS PAY E-WALLET ™, WINGS SECURE CALL™, WINGS PLAY STORE™, WINGS SECOND NUMBER™, WINGS WORLD ROAMING FREE™, WINGS VOIP CALL™, WINGS DIALER™ All these features on X Book and Minephone WX are proprietary trademarked by Bitwings. About Bitwings - Bitwings is an organization working towards utilizing blockchain technology to provide solutions for modern connected world problems such as security, privacy, transparency and value exchange.

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