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De rien, Celsius [CEL] ? Pourquoi Bitcoin [BTC] peut être le catalyseur ici

Le marché en reprise a vu de nombreuses crypto-monnaies franchir le seuil de 100% pour se rallier plus loin que prévu. Dernièrement, cependant, un crypto-actif qui s'est particulièrement démarqué est Celsius.

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Bitcoin BTC
$ 66496.16

Timeline of Bitcoin, Celsius

BTC Price Analysis- Rejection Candles at $24700 Rings Pullback Opportunity  - Coingape

The BTC/USDT pair rises within the wedge channel of an inverted pennant pattern. The continuation pattern has the same core concept as the inverted flag pattern, which we explained in our previous article.

Bitcoin to Demonetize Gold – Michael Saylor Predicts the Future of Gold Investment - CoinPedia

In an interview with Kitco, Michael Saylor, the former CEO of MicroStrategy, predicted that Bitcoin would demonetise gold. “Gold was metallic money for the 19th century,” he said while adding that gold will not be adopted as money in the 21st century.  He predicted that a spot-based Bitcoin exchange-trade fund might come in a year.

This Analyst Believes Bitcoin, Ethereum Will Surge To All-Time High Soon: Here's Why - Benzinga

According to cryptocurrency industry veteran Bobby Lee, both Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) will soon get back to their all-time highs, which were reached in November 2021.  In a recent interview, Lee said that as the current crypto market is facing a stiff downturn, he is optimistic about a market revival.

Binance holds the most amount of Bitcoin on exchanges after roles have reversed with Coinbase - CryptoSlate

Exchange balance refers to the amount of Bitcoin sitting on exchanges, and it was following a downtrend since January 2022 for both Coinbase and Binance when suddenly Binance's exchange balance took a turn and started to spike in May. The post Binance holds the most amount of Bitcoin on exchanges after roles have reversed with Coinbase appeared first on CryptoSlate.

Bitcoin Mining In The 22 Century: What To Expect? - DCForecasts

Bitcoin Mining in the 22 Century is hard to predict, but some things are pretty self-evident, based on current trends in the industry. Whenever the price of Bitcoin declines, there are scattered forecasts that the mining sector is doomed and that miners are ready to shut down their machinery collectively and start to succumb.

Norwegian BTC Miner Moves To Arctic To Cut Energy Bills - DCForecasts

Norwegian BTC miner intends to relocate its operations north of the Artic Circle, according to reports. The decision to relocate was made as a result of the nation's growing power prices, even though the issue has not yet significantly touched the northern areas.

Here's what you're missing about CEL's 261% parabolic rally  - AMBCrypto

If you look at CEL's price chart, you're probably going to wish you bought some of its tokens prior to its bull rally. In fact, its parabolic run this week has earned it the top spot as the best performer among the market's top-100 cryptos.

Here's How Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and Sand Price Will Perform In Coming Week - CoinPedia

As the markets close off the week on a high note, analyst Justin Bennett is giving his opinion on a number of leading crypto assets. Bennett identified $24,200 as a pivotal “make-or-break” milestone for Bitcoin in the most recent issue of the trader's Cryptocademy newsletter.

Crypto Exchange BTC-e Operator Vinnik Reportedly Denied Bail in US, Maintains Innocence - Bitcoin

Alexander Vinnik, the alleged owner and operator of the infamous cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, has been found not eligible for release on bail in the United States, where he was recently transferred from Greece. The Russian, accused of large-scale money laundering through the now-defunct trading platform, and other crimes, rejects U.S. charges.

Identifying what's really in store for Bitcoin miners right now - AMBCrypto

As the crypto-winter severely affected the price of all cryptocurrencies, the mining industry also suffered a great loss. Bitcoin miners struggled to generate a profit over the last few months thanks to the same.

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