Hack Could Be Worth Double The Initial Reported Amount

According to an online chain analyst, the total loss from the latest hack on, which affected over 400 users, could amount to more than the reported $15 million.  Analyst Claims Additional Funds Lost An on-chain analyst at Bitcoin research firm OXT Research, who goes by the pseudonym ErgoBTC has tweeted out that the hack might be resulting in losses worth $33 million.

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Timeline of Crypto-com-coin

Crypto.Com Confirmed The Exchange Lost $34M To Hackers - DCForecasts confirmed the exchange lost $34 million to hackers in the recent security incident according to the post mortem released so let's read further in our cryptocurrency news. is the fourth biggest crypto exchange and it finally admitted that it lost funds worth $34,000 due to a recent security breach. Expands Presence in Australia, Partners with Adelaide Crows - FinanceMagnates

One of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency and financial services platforms, today announced a multi-year collaboration with the Adelaide Football Club. The partnership covers both men's and women's teams.

CRO Jumps as Releases USD 34M Hack Report - Cryptonews

CRO, the native token of major crypto exchange, is moving up today, as the company published a report detailing the recent attack and the loss of almost USD 34m -- adding that it has reimbursed the affected users. CEO confirms 400 accounts hacked in a recent cyberattack. - Coinnounce CEO Kris Marszalek confirmed to Bloomberg that the crypto exchange did suffer a security breach, as reported earlier this week. Appearing on Bloomberg TV on Wednesday, Marszalek stated that about 400 accounts were affected in the cyberattack that exchange suffered. CEO confirms 400 accounts were compromised in recent hack - The Block CEO Kris Marszalek has confirmed that the crypto exchange did suffer a security breach, as reported this week. The post CEO confirms 400 accounts were compromised in recent hack appeared first on The Block.

Lost Funds From Hack Now Exceed $33M - BeInCrypto

A third-party blockchain research company OXT Research has uncovered a loss of 444 BTC in addition to 4,600 ETH in the recent hack. The post Lost Funds From Hack Now Exceed $33M appeared first on BeInCrypto.

On-chain analyst claims hack was closer to $33 million - The Block's hack may have been twice as large as previously reported, with a further $18.4 million in bitcoin potentially stolen. The post On-chain analyst claims hack was closer to $33 million appeared first on The Block.

Auditing Firms Claim Lost $15 Million in Incident as Users Report Suspicious Activity - Bitcoin, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, experienced an incident on January 17 when some of its users reported strange activity in their accounts. The exchange acknowledged the event, and conducted an investigation immediately after, declaring that all funds were safe. However, reports from security and blockchain auditing firms Certik and Peckshield indicate that some funds were

Peckshield reports that hack netted $15 million in Ethereum - Crypto Daily

The hack of in the early hours of Monday was originally passed off as no funds being lost by CEO Kris Marszalek. However, an investigation by PeckShield, the blockchain security firm, has revealed that lost around $15 million, with around half of it in Ethereum, from the incident. Reports 'Suspicious Activity' As Users Claim $15M Stolen, Exchange Says Funds Are Safe - Benzinga

Major crypto exchange paused withdrawals on Monday after users complained about suspicious activity on their accounts. What Happened: On January 17, a number of users claimed that their cryptocurrency holdings held on the exchange had disappeared.