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Что вызвало недавнее падение цен на Avalanche AVAX?

В конце 22 марта цена Avalanche AVAX снизилась. Токен упал с 17,89 долларов США до примерно 16,5 долларов США менее чем за 3 часа, что вызвало шок среди инвесторов AVAX, увидевших, что в последнее время токен работает довольно хорошо. Однако AVAX оправилась от падения, хотя ей еще предстоит восстановить свой уровень цен в 17,89 доллара.

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Bitcoin AVAX
$ 37.63

Timeline of Avalanche

Avalanche AVAX token drops after node outages plague the network - Cryptopolitan

The AVAX token of the Avalanche network experienced a slight decline following an outage of nodes on its X and C chains due to errors in newly-released software. Uniquely, the Avalanche platform uses three distinct blockchain networks: C-chain, X-chain, and P-chain.

Avalanche price analysis: AVAX is bullish at $18 - Cryptopolitan

Avalanche price analysis appears to be following a strong bullish movement, with the price going up, expecting to reach new highs. In the last 48 hours, the price has fallen to a significant degree.

Avalanche set to welcome Uniswap V3 to its network; TVL set for impact? - AMBCrypto

On 17 March, Uniswap announced it would deploy on Avalanche and add support for AVAX. Being one of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, the deployment of Uniswap could significantly impact Avalanche in terms of transaction volume and Total Value Locked (TVL).

CFTC adds execs from Circle, Ava Labs and Fireblocks to tech advisory group - Cointelegraph

The technology advisory committee aims to assist the CFTC in “identifying and understanding the impacts and implications of technological innovation in financial services and markets.”

Avalanche price analysis: AVAX rises at $14.48 following an entirely positive run - Cryptopolitan

Avalanche price analysis shows that the cryptocurrency is bullish today and is looking to break out of its current trading range. The digital asset has been in a range between $14.46 and $14.48 for the last 24 hours, but the recent surge suggests that it is ready to push higher.

Avalanche price analysis: AVAX continues decline to hit lowest point since January 11 - Cryptopolitan

Avalanche price analysis shows a concrete bearish spell in place, as the coin continues to decline after the $16 support was breached a few days ago. Since February 22, AVAX price has dropped more than 34 percent, sending price to the lowest point since January 11.

FTX's loss may be Avalanche's gain, but here's where AVAX stands - AMBCrypto

Even though the FTX collapse was a massive hit to the crypto-market, Avalanche managed to benefit from this ordeal. TSM, a popular gaming firm, had plans to establish its own crypto-based gaming network with FTX.

Esports Organization TSM Signs On With Avalanche For New Gaming Subnet - Bitcoinist

Crypto engagement isn't over and done with for esports org TSM. While the powerhouse esports player was in the midst of the FTX fallout late last year, TSM is still looking big picture courtesy of a new partnership announced on Tuesday.

Avalanche price analysis: AVAX starts to lose value at $16.10 - Cryptopolitan

Avalanche price analysis shows a bearish trend for the cryptocurrency, as the bears have been on the winning edge for the last 24 hours. The bear controls the market as the price declines to $16.10, and a further decrease in coin value can be expected if the bears remain consistent.

Avalanche price analysis: AVAX continues to stagnate after dropping from $20 mark - Cryptopolitan

Avalanche price analysis shows price setting down after initially falling below the $20 mark on February 24. Price remains in pursuit of the resistance point at $20, with the support zone keeping just below current price at the $16 mark.

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