Chainlink Strengthens Polkadot Through RioDeFi Oracle Integration

RioDeFi, the decentralized finance blockchain connected to Polkadot, has revealed that Chainlink’s price oracles are to provide market data across its network. RioDeFi Passes Another Milestone The integration of Chainlink oracles is increasingly seen as evidence of a blockchain’s maturity; a rite of passage that all fledgling networks must pass in order to be taken seriously.

The benefits RioDeFi will gain from accessing Chainlink’s price feeds were succinctly explained by Daniel Kochis, Head of Chainlink Business Development: “By using time-tested oracle networks already in production, RioDeFi’s ecosystem can focus on building next-generation defi dApps without having to spend time and resources, as well as take on the additional risk of provisioning their own oracle infrastructure or using unproven alternatives.” First Trading, Then Gaming Initially, Chainlink’s price feeds will be put to use in the suite of dApps that RioDeFi has created itself: RioPay, RioWallet, and RioExchange.

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