Bitcoin’s (BTC) Positive Twitter Commentary is Near a 6-Month High

Quick take: Positive twitter comments related to Bitcoin are near a 6-month high The last time the sentiment was this high, was during the Bitcoin halving in May This is the fourth time Bitcoin’s Twitter sentiment has been at these levels since 2017 This is despite the recent dip to $16,300 levels High Bitcoin sentiment could be another sign of a possible top by BTC Positive twitter comments with respect to Bitcoin (BTC) are nearing a 6 month high. Source, Santiment FeedFrom the chart above, it can be observed that the last time Bitcoin’s positive Twitter commentary was this high, was during May’s Bitcoin halving event.

4th time Bitcoin’s Positive Twitter Commentary is this High The team at Santiment further pointed out that this was the fourth time that Bitcoin has had a positive Twitter commentary this high. Source, Santiment FeedBitcoin’s Positive Sentiment Could Mean BTC Has Topped From the above chart, it can be noted that Bitcoin experienced a significant pullback on the last three occasions that its Twitter sentiment was this high.

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