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Bitcoin Miners' Revenue From Fees Rises Suggesting the Onset of Major Bull Run

The two-year Z-score for miner revenue from fees has turned positive after a long time, signaling new waves of adoption. Historically, that has marked beginnings of major bull runs.

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Bitfinex CTO Says El Salvador's Bitcoin Bonds Will Launch This Summer – But There's a Twist - Cryptonews

The Chief Technical Officer of the Bitfinex crypto exchange has claimed that El Salvador's long-awaited Bitcoin (BTC) bonds will launch this year “around June to September.” But the bonds, he explained, may not be bonds after all. Instead, the issuance could take the form of digital securities.

Balaji Srinivasan Raises Alarm Amid $1M Bet: 'Buy Bitcoin And Get Your Coins Off Exchanges' - Benzinga

Coinbase's (NASDAQ: COIN) former CTO Balaji Srinivasan on Wednesday warned that investors may only have weeks or even days to buy Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and move their cryptocurrencies off exchanges.  What Happened: Srinivasan reacted to a Twitter user who shared a mail from cryptocurrency exchange Kraken that it would suspend automated clearinghouse (ACH) transactions later this month.

Despite industry headwinds, Bitcoin mining booms in Texas - Reuters

Cryptocurrency bankruptcies and worries over electric power consumption have failed to dent the industry's growth in Texas, according to a top trade group, citing the rise in the miners' power demands.

Why AI Focused Cryptocurrencies are Outperforming Bitcoin? - Bitcoinworld

The use of artificial intelligence (AI), also called machine learning, is increasing in various sectors of the economy such as education and commerce. As expected, the application of AI has come to the blockchain sector, particularly in trading.

Bitcoin falls, but still going stronger than most the S&P 500 - Proactive Investors

Bitcoin and Ethereum both fell in the last 24 hours, but the former has performed stronger than major indices this last month. Bitcoin, the largest coin by market cap, slipped 2% to US$27,641, although the ‘digital gold' is still up 12% in the last week.

Bitcoin Back Above $27,600 As US Banking Crisis Is Far From Over - NewsBTC

Yesterday's interest rate decision by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) and the subsequent press conference by chairman Jerome Powell were met with a very bearish reaction from traditional financial markets, as well as Bitcoin and crypto. The Bitcoin price briefly touched $29,000 before falling as low as $26,600.

Bitcoin's realized price rises amid a surge in whale activity - Crypto news

Bitcoin (BTC) witnessed a sudden drop as March started with a series of bank collapses. The downward movement continued for almost two weeks, bringing the price down to the $19,500 mark on March 10.

Bitcoin Price and Ethereum Prediction: Can the Fed Rate Hike Amid Banking Turmoil Boost BTC and ETH? - Cryptonews

Bitcoin, the world's largest cryptocurrency, along with Ethereum, lost some of its value and dropped below $28k and $1,800 levels respectively. However, the reason could be linked to the release of a dovish statement from the US Federal Reserve regarding interest rates.

Bitcoin Currently Witnessing Its Best Marketing Campaign Ever, According to InvestAnswers – Here's Why - The Daily Hodl

A popular cryptocurrency strategist is saying that Bitcoin (BTC) is inadvertently undergoing a positive brand-building process. In a new interview with David Lin, the anonymous host of InvestAnswers says that Bitcoin is currently “witnessing its best marketing campaign ever.

Edward Snowden Once Praised Bitcoin's Power On This App, Said It Felt Like Arriving On A 'Different Planet' - Benzinga

Former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden said in late January that he has been dealing with Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) since pre-2013, and he has "never seen it feel as powerful as it does now on Nostr.” What Happened:  “Most people's experience with Bitcoin payments — if they even have it — is a 30-60 minute wait for mining + two-plus block confirmations, and a fee that made it feel dumb to send less than $20,” he wrote on Nostr, as shared by a Twitter user.

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