Bitcoin Hitting $200k by End of 2021 Looks Conservative – BTC Analyst

Quick take: Willy Woo has forecasted that Bitcoin could hit $200k by the end of 2021 However, he views this as a conservative estimate and Bitcoin could very well reach $300k Mr. Woo also pointed out that majority of Bitcoin investors got in at around $7,456 Depletion of Bitcoin on spot exchanges will ultimately lead to Bitcoin increasing in value Veteran Bitcoin analyst, Willy Woo, has shared his 2021 outlook of BTC. Additionally, Mr. Woo pointed out that the majority of Bitcoin investors bought BTC below $8k.

Depletion of Bitcoin on Exchanges ‘Will Send BTC’ Mr. Woo also reiterated the fact that Bitcoin stored on crypto exchanges was dropping and that with time, the scarcity will ultimately lead to the value of BTC going up considerably. Bitcoin’s Reflexivity is Increasing Willy Woo concluded his 2021 forecast of Bitcoin by pointing out that investors’ reflexivity has been increasing.

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