Binance to Support Staking of Zilliqa (ZIL) Later this Month

Quick take: Binance has been confirmed as the second major crypto exchange to support the staking of ZIL. Staking on the Zilliqa mainnet is one reason the value of ZIL has continued to wow investors and traders in the crypto markets.

ZIL Ranking on CoinGecko.comBinance to Support Staking of ZIL Later this Month In a recent project update, the team at Zilliqa has notified the ZIL community that the prominent crypto exchange of Binance will be supporting staking later this month. Zilliqa Now Available on Bitbns To top it off, trading of Zilliqa (ZIL) paired with Tether (USDT) will be available on Bitbns on the 12th of June, 2 pm IST.

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