Augur (REP) v2 to Officially Go Live on July 28

The team plans to rename Augur’s native token, REP to REPv1, and create a new REPv2 token. In a bid to offer its users the best betting experience possible, the Augur team has been working on the Augur V2 upgrade for quite some time now and it is now set to officially roll it out on the Ethereum main network come July 28.

As part of the upgrade, Augur says its native REP token which powers its ecosystem will be universally renamed to “REPv1” to make the migration process as frictionless as possible. All existing REP holders (renamed to REPv1), will need to carry out a manual migration of their REPv1 tokens to the new REPv2 token to enable them to take part in ecosystem events including the Augur v2 reporting system.

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