Arweave (AR): Platform for Enhanced Data Storage

Arweave, a platform that aims to provide users with the almost indefinite storage opportunities for different types of data, integrates community-oriented apps and platforms in a user-friendly manner.

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Timeline of Arweave

Arweave Attracts More Chinese Content Creators in Fight Against Censorship - BeInCrypto

In China, residents turn to NFTs stored on the blockchain using Arweave to record moments of the pandemic and other censorable media. The post Arweave Attracts More Chinese Content Creators in Fight Against Censorship appeared first on BeInCrypto.

Top tokens to buy as the crypto market is in recovery - Invezz

Arweave AR/USD, Cosmos ATOM/USD, NEM XEM/USD, and Solana SOL/USD are all solid cryptocurrencies that have showcased signs of tremendous recovery in the crypto market. On May 13, 2022, RareCandy3D announced that Arweave had invested in the project and announced a partnership. Cosmos's Twitter also posted a large thread discussing some “words of wisdom, guidance, and The post Top tokens to buy as the crypto market is in recovery appeared first on Invezz.

A Look at Arweave's Ecosystem Developments - The Block

Quick Take Development in the Arweave ecosystem builds on the native decentralized data storage capabilities of the network to unlock new use cases. Arweave is used as a storage layer for archiving on-chain data of several public blockchain networks as well as a data persistence solution for dapps, oracles and NFT metadata. Scalability solutions like bundling technology help increase network throughput and provide a better user experience. Profit-sharing communities and tokens provide a sustainable and more equitable approach to rewarding dapp developers and their community contributors.


Arweave Enhances “Decentralized” Data Storage Capabilities via Avalanche - CrowdFundInsider

Arweave, a “decentralized” solution for archiving data using a blockchain-like “blockweave” and a proof-of-access consensus mechanism, has expanded to Avalanche. Now, Avalanche users can “utilize Arweave to store records, files, metadata, and other data.

Arweave: A Technical Overview - The Block

Quick Take Arweave is a decentralized data storage protocol that is content-agnostic and designed to provide scalable and permanent on-chain storage in a sustainable manner. The blockweave data structure and Proof-of-Access consensus mechanism form the foundations of the Arweave network's data layer. Mechanisms like blockshadows, wildfire and storage endowment keep the network fast, responsive and sustainable. The permaweb is a decentralized web interface for hosting both traditional and decentralized applications on top of the Arweave network. Arweave has experienced massive growth recently, driven by the deployment of SmartWeave decentralized applications and the need for censorship resistance.

Arweave or Filecoin? Here's the clear winner of decentralized storage war - AMBCrypto

The ‘decentralized storage' war has continued to wage on over the years as more developments around this space came to life. Many teams like Filecoin, Storj, Sia, began building open source solutions in late 2016 and early 2017 after recognizing the latent opportunity.

Why is Arweave going up: Analysts predict AR expected to gain 400% - Invezz

The cryptocurrency market has gained significantly over the past few days, and the global cryptocurrency market cap is now at $2.2 trillion. The positive performance has created a bullish trend for most altcoins. Coin Bureau, one of the most popular crypto analysts, has told his nearly 2 million subscribers about an altcoin that could gain The post Why is Arweave going up: Analysts predict AR expected to gain 400% appeared first on Invezz.

Decentralized data storage solution Arweave archives millions of documents from Ukraine - CryptoSlate

Community owned and operated Arweave is archiving millions of documents from Ukraine–generating immutable historical records of what is currently happening in the invaded country.  Arweave stores its data in sets of blocks that are linking to multiple previous blocks from the network–forming a structure called a “blockweave.

Top 5 WORST Cryptos of February 2022 - CryptoTicker

When El Salvador legalized Bitcoin on September 7, 2021, most of the economies criticized their stance with the IMF compelling El Salvador to reverse the decision of adopting BTC as a legal tender or be prepared for the consequences in the near future. Fast forward to 2022, we do see other countries following in the footsteps of El Salvador like India recognizing crypto as an asset and taxing any trade-in cryptocurrencies at a flat 30% rate.

Intro to Arweave, a blockchain cloud storage platform - CryptoSlate

Arweave is a decentralized cloud storage solution that aims to upend the traditional storage market using blockchain with the option of one-time payments plus added security benefits. The post Intro to Arweave, a blockchain cloud storage platform appeared first on CryptoSlate.