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  • Rank: 94
  • Market Cap: 1173150000 $
  • 24 Hour Volume: 36539700 $
  • Total Supply: 1066860000
  • Circulating Supply: 509912000 (48%)

What is Audius?

Audius is a decentralized music-sharing and streaming protocol that facilitates direct transactions between listeners and creators, giving everyone the freedom to distribute, monetize, and stream any audio content.

The protocol consists of:

- Discovery nodes that index the Audius content ledger and provide an easily query-able interface for retrieving metadata; - Content nodes to host content and permission access to content on behalf of artists; - Content ledger as a single source of truth for all data accessible within the Audius protocol, anchoring references to content hosted by content nodes;

AUDIO is the native utility token for:

- Participating in protocol governance voting - Staking for running discovery or content nodes so users will get a share of network fees - Staking to unlock features like artist tokens and badges and receive voting power from fans

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